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Moose Hall, otherwise known as, is an Internet-based lair for maple-syrup-swigging, beaver-pun-making, invulnerable-to-cold ladies who like it when other ladies make out.  Author blogs are posted each Friday.  I write all mine in a state of extreme sleep deprivation while high on sugar.  I apologise for nothing.


Why yes, I can talk for pretty much forever when someone asks me interesting questions.  However did you guess?

Interview with The Rainbow Hub: 

Chatting with the nice people at this queer multimedia site about books, diversity among female protagonists, and what I get up to when I'm not being voted "Lawyer in the Office You Would Most Want Around in a Zombie Attack."

Interview with Unusual Historicals:

Guest blog for Unusual Historicals, talking about The Ghost and the Machine, chess, research, and jam.

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